Sunday, June 8, 2014

On the radio with Watt from Pedro

What a great morning on the Pride of Cucamonga  with brother Mike Watt.

Here's me and brother John, pre-sunburn:

It was nice to meet Skipper Jeff and brother Matt:

We got a great tour of the LA Harbor. Saw sea lions, freighters loaded up with containers ("cans"), tugboats ("tractors"), some crazy ship that ferries commercial satellites to the equator and launches them into space. 

I learned that only tourists say "Cabree-yo Beach." It's Cabrillo, with a hard L.

And it was real honor to join in the spiel on the Watt From Pedro radio show. Link here:

I tried to flog my West Coast readings (see "Events"), but I'm a rookie, so I forgot to bring along a list of people I'm reading with.