Friday, April 4, 2014

Showing Off

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"Mimi Lipson writes in a plainsong, just-the-facts style that somehow delivers her footage in high definition. Her characters inhabit a world that is beneath them, a world in which they are stuck, with a lot of grace and stupidity. She is a master of making you very comfortable and secure, warm and cozy while she throws your shoes under the house and drives off in your car.

“Mimi Lipson is a natural. The thorny relations between couples and between parents and children are captured with remarkable precision and understanding. Sharply composed, gracefully written, these stories reveal again and again not only what’s so funny and so sad about human longings and imperfections but also what is beautiful about them.”

“Mimi Lipson writes with dazzling offhand brilliance. There is a generosity to these stories, a kind of tenderness really, that is rare and thrilling to find. She not only shines a light on this secret world of cranks and lonely-hearts, but also allows us to find our place among them.”

"A scintillating collection full of wonderfully observed details. Mimi Lipson is a fabulous stylist."

“This is Lipson’s classless utopia, in which even fools are suffered gladly so long as they are lively and authentic fools. Her language is clean, her observations clever and sure, and her protagonists generous of spirit. This wise, compassionate book is also a lot of fun to read.”

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